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Essential Questions about Conservatories Answered

03 Feb 2020

There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding to have a conservatory installed on your property.

Lichfield Windows are the leading providers of conservatories and replacement windows, with a team equipped with years of knowledge in the industry.
For our latest blog, we are going to look at some of the most frequently asked questions about conservatories and answer them for you!

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Here are 7 questions we get asked all the time by our customers –

1. Will my conservatory increase my council tax?
Council tax will not increase in most instances on a property, but to be absolutely certain you can always check on the Government’s website which provides advice on council tax.

2. Can I put a conservatory on the front of my property?
You can put a conservatory on the front of your house as they come under the category of permitted development. You do not need planning permission if the area surrounding the original house is not more than 50% covered by other buildings or additions.

3. What is the best way to cool down my conservatory?
There are many different ways to temperature control your conservatories such as blinds, ventilating windows, cooling film and air conditioning. Another option is to replace your roof with a tiled or solid design.

4. What are the best ways to keep my conservatory warm in winter?
If you have a small conservatory then an electric heater will work but with larger conservatories, you should consider installing underfloor heating.
The glazing is also crucial, as most heat is lost through the glass. You can rectify this by installing conservatory blinds.

5. Does my conservatory need a FENSA certificate?
When looking at extending your property it is important to have all the appropriate legal documentation. Having said this, installing a conservatory does not require a FENSA registration form.

6. Will a conservatory increase the value of my home?
A well-built conservatory from Lichfield Windows can increase the value of your property by up to 7%, making it more attractive to a prospective buyer.

7. Do I need Building Regulations for a conservatory?
Building regulations tend to apply when building a new extension or a bigger structure to your property. Most of the time, conservatories are exempt from building regulations when erected at ground level and the floor surface areas are below 30 square metres.

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