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Why Rehau Windows Work for Commercial Properties

10 Feb 2020

Investing in high-quality Rehau windows from Lichfield Windows can unlock the potential of your commercial property.
When it comes to the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of large commercial projects you will need to consider a number of factors.

Windows are the Key to Refreshing Your Look

A building’s windows are the product which perfectly balances form with function.
Architects often stress how important the choice of window is in achieving the desired look of the building, with factors such as energy efficiency and fire safety a regular topic of conversation.
When it comes to replacement windows the priority will be achieving a refreshed look with enhanced performance whereas new builds have specific criteria relating to occupant safety, ventilation levels and daylight use.

Selecting the right windows for a commercial property will ensure your kerb appeal skyrockets and impresses your employees, guests and anyone walking past.

Create an Effective Sound Barrier

In the UK, the impact of sounds on the buildings we live, work and sleep have never been higher. Due to the housing crisis and a shortage of available space means developers are building upwards, especially in major cities. Now multi-residential schemes and multi-occupancy high-rise buildings need to be designed to combat the impact of rising sound.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines recommend community noise be less than 30 A-weighted decibels (dB(A) in bedrooms throughout the night for a sleep of good quality and less than 35 dB(A) in classrooms to allow good teaching and learning conditions.

WHO guidelines also recommend night noise be less than 40 dB(A) of annual average (Lnight) outside of bedrooms to prevent adverse health effects.

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If you are looking to invest in Rehua windows for your property, contact Lichfield Windows now. Our catalogue of Rehau products are low maintenance and offer enhanced security for your home or business.

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