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What are Composite Doors?

13 Apr 2020

Composite doors are the newest type of door provided by Lichfield Windows that are manufactured using a combination of materials.

Having composite front and back doors gives you a high resistance to weathering plus they are designed to cope with seasonal changes. Composites have a higher resistance than wooden doors, because of the insulating foam core.

Although designed to appear as a wooden door, with an attractive wood grain, composites won’t fade, discolour or need any maintenance beyond a wipe down with a damp cloth when dirty. Their superior quality has set a higher standard in the door industry.

How Secure are Composite Doors?

Doors from Lichfield Windows are renowned for their solidity and security. With their thick solid timber core, they will keep you safe and protected.
Lichfield Windows also undergoes regular controlled security tests that look to replicate break-ins, to ensure the inner core of the door can withstand an attack.

Superior Insulation Qualities

Every composite door manufactured at Lichfield Windows is made up from a number of engineered timber laminates. With an excellent glass reinforced plastic skin on top of this, each door gives your home increased thermal efficiency. Increased heat retention will help you achieve impressive energy ratings which will lower energy bills and your carbon footprint.
The main aim of this type of door is to retain heat which keeps your home warmer for longer. This will make your property more comfortable and inviting for the entire family.

A composite door from Lichfield Windows also provides a watertight solution that keeps your home dry and moisture-free in any weather.

We currently work with two of the market leaders for composite doors; Solidor and Palladio, with a host of unique designs to choose from.

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